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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Monica Loren said.....

<%ThickBox(|Monica Loren by Candace Candylust|fade)%>

Rooster from Paperdoll Pinupsposted this today just as I was looking for a pic of Monica Loren

earlier on twitter Monica said:

Monica Loren

"Today I will only think about the things that make me smile and blush..."

and of course I replied:

John S

foxyvixen666 I'm thinking about things that might make you blush and maybe giggle"

Monica's Website

enjoy the day


Darkside Photography

<%ThickBox(|Darkside Photography|fade)%> <%ThickBox(|Darkside Photography|fade)%>

Since starting this site I've noticed that my personal defination of "pinup" as broadened

not changed... just expanded

I picked Darkside Photography a while ago on twitter and was very impressed with his work with the lovely Ludella Hahn

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oh Ludella...

<%ThickBox(|Ludella Hahn by Ming Chin|fade)%>
here's a couple shots from the very lovely Ludella Hahn I came across today.
Ludella is responsible for my finding Bachelor Pad magazine.


She ran a contest a year or so ago and I was one one the winners of a free subscription
now you have to understand.. Bachelor Pad is kinda like a street drug. Free and then you get hooked
so I guess that makes Ludella my dealer huh
<%ThickBox(|Ludella Hahn by Crash Stevens|fade)%>

you know you want to see more....

Ludella Hahn's Website

Ludealla Hahn on Tumblr

have a great weekend


a pic from photographer Melissa Silverson

<%ThickBox(|Model: unknown - Photographer:Melissa Silverson|fade)%>Model Insider you are making my life so much easier

The Photographer is Melissa Silverson and she hails from Sault Ste. Marie Canada

I have no idea who the model is but I love her eyes

great shot Melissa.. thanks

Find more:

Model Insider

Melissa Silverson on Model Insider

Melissa Silverson on Facebook

Melissa Silverson on twitter