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7 Topics from March, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Well today's the day... I don't feel 43 let me tell ya.. most of the time I'm about 12 mentally yea there's some gray in the beard a touch in the hair ...

more and more Scarlet

Happy Friday you lucky lucky people Another ass kicker of a day at the office so I'm relaxing by looking at pics of Scarlet how about you?

did you think I forgot?

bet you thought I forgot to post today nope.. just got busy at the office so here we are on day 4 of Scarlet von Harlot...

Happy Hump Day

It's Wednesday... middle of the week Happy Hump Day! and now day three of pics from Scarlet von Harlot

Scarlet von Harlot - day 2

Day two and more Scarlet for you to peek at

Scarlet von Harlot kicks off the week

I started doing this last year... right around my birthday I pick one girl to do a big feature on and I make it last all week Last year my birthday girl was ...

your chance to book a shoot with Daddy Cool himself

So I hear that Edson Carlos aka Daddy Cool is heading out to Vegas April 21st and 22nd and I hear he's booking shoots Check this ...