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Pinup Girls - Entries from June 2011

  • June, 2011
  • Sabrina Maree does boudoir

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    I wanted to post something today, but I wasn't sure what
    so I took a cruise over to Model Insider to see what was new in the pinup uploads area.
    It didn't take me very long at all to fine Sabrina Maree
    This 24 yr old redheaded girlie stands 5'4" and is 34D(enhanced)-26-36
    If you want to see more of her (in various and assorted states of dress) check out:

    This last pic has a title.

    "Voulez vous coucher avec moi?"

    How would you answer that question?


  • The Luckiest Man in Louisville

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    Let me introduce you to Ryan Armbrust, one of the, if not THE, luckiest man in Louisville.
    Ryan runs a studio called Boudoir Louisville in Louisville KY and has been featured here a number of times
    I just love his pics and he works with some of most favorite girls (like Go Go Amy here)
    3 4
    If you spend any time around the  Boudoir Louisville Blog you'll see excellent examples of his work not just with pro models, but with all types of girls
    His eye is excellent and his shots are out of this world
    It's safe to say that Ryan is one of My Favorite Pinups favorite photographers
    I was teasing him on twitter about getting a shirt, and just for the record.
    I'd be saying there things regardless. I may not be above whoring myself out for free gear
    but I always speak the truth ;-)
    I'm a very happily married man and the best thing I think I can say about Ryan and Boudoir Louisville is I'd love for my wife to do a pinup shoot down there with Ryan calling the shots.
    Places to see more of Ryan' work:
    A little birdie told me that Boudoir Louisville has shirts now. I'm waiting for a link so I can promo it here.
    Now I just need the man to start selling prints so I can add a few to my collection
    (hint hint)


    Rest assured, this is not the last you'll be seeing of Ryan on this site

    As long as he keeps shooting, I'll keep posting it

    Thanks Ryan and if I am ever in Louisville I'm looking you up



  • Victoria Vertuga and a little noir



    It's a noir kinda day and Victoria Vertuga fits my mood to a T

    Victoria found me on Twitter after my feature on Titania and after checking out her pics I know she's be a feature, I just didn't know when. Well when I woke up this morning I thought I'd look for some simple b/w throwback pics. Old Hollywood style with class



    Now believe me there is a lot more to this girl than what I'm showing here, so you can bet she's gonna get another feature

    Let me tell you a little about Victoria

    This USC Grad came out of college with a B.S in Music Industry and minors in Business, Communications, and Theatre and graduated Magna Cum Laude (that means with great praise for those who are Latin deficient)

    She's also an actress, check out her IMDB. I'm waiting for Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas, because I think the title alone rocks.


    ok on with the vitals:

    This 5'3" 105lb Italian, German, and Puerto Rican cutie is 32DD-24-35

    She's a dress size 2 and yes she shoots nudes. I'll link out to that in a bit



    How about a little trivia?
    Is a huge animal lover and animal rights activist.
    Is allergic to bee & wasp stings.
    Skipped the 6th grade.
    Attended the University of Southern California.
    Graduated Magna Cum Laude from USC.
    Began riding horses at the age of 5.
    Is of Italian, German, and Puerto Rican heritage. Is a natural blonde.




    Here's where you can find Victoria:

    Victoria's Website


    Model Mayhem

    Model Insider



    So what you have is a very pretty girl who's smart and diverse

    She's got a versatile look that runs the modeling gambit

    Now you better not tell the readers you're single darlin. you'd pick up a whole new group of stalkers ;-)

    Enjoy folks and have a great start to the weekend


  • on sale at Kuhmillion Lingerie

    I caught this on twitter this morning:

    @Kuhmillion - Our most popular corset only $36.40 right now! Don't miss this Stripes, Dots & Hearts sale!

    so I go over to and sure enough this is on sale


    very pretty and one excellent price

    I can think of several gals I'd love to see in this


  • loving me some Titania Lyn


    I've been spending my time over on Model Insider recently since they let website owners sign up for accounts.

    Over there I "discovered" a model named Titania Lyn and posted a shot of her over here.


    Well that led me to check out her site and other sites and I found out she's right up the road from me out here in Wisconsin.

    Now when I find a Wisconsin model I do my best to make sure they get a nice spotlight

    For those those of you that pay attention or care here are the vitals:

    Height: 5' 6"

    Bust: 39DD

    Waist: 29"

    Hips: 39"


    from her Model Mayhem Profile

    I am interested in creative expression of the human form. That's right, I'm a nude model. You can hire me clothed, if you wish, I suppose...
    I am VERY experienced in styling, and have a passion for WW2-era pinups. I am constantly acquiring new pinup wardrobe!
    If you don't see the level of explicitness you are looking to shoot in the photographs in my portfolio, I am not open to shooting it.
    I am a dancer (modern, ballet (NOT pointe), jazz, swing...) and an actor (improv, musicals, Shakespeare...). I draw from both for expressive poses and inspiration.
    I have a degree in photography.  I understand lighting and film and photoshop and... well, you get the idea.
    Multiple agencies for multiple things.
    Printed all over.
    Lots of promo work.
    Ask if you need to, I'll tell you all about it.
    I have special artist rates for those of you who need a model sitting in front of you for a painting, drawing, sculpture, mosaic, whatever.
    **Just HOW do you say that name?!**
    Tih-tane-yah. Say it with me- "Tih-tane-yah"

    If you care to see more, follow the links below to check out all of Titania's pics
    and yes boys she has pics out there where she is wearing a lot less
    In fact you might want to grab the Playboy's Vixens - June/July 2010
    Our gal Titania is the cover girl and has pics on the inside of the issue
    and you can buy autographed copies here (as well as features in the Oct/Nov 2010, Feb/March 2011 editions of Playboy's Vixens AND Playboy's Naturals)
    Places to Find Titania around the web:
    Titania, If you ever find yourself in the Third Ward during the day. I'd love to have coffee with you over at Bella Caffe.
    and I promise to say your name right.. I've been practicing



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