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Pinup Girls - Entries from July 2011

  • July, 2011
  • Marilyn Monroe and Stephanie Q

    milton-h-greene-marilyn-monroe--large-msg-122965128879 What you see here is one of my favorite pics of Marilyn Monroe.

    The photographer is Milton H Green and I believe the year is 1954.

    The story goes something like this (according to : The Archive Store )

    These images from the 'Ballerina' series, one of Milton & Marilyn's most recognized collaborations was taken in 1954 at Milton's New York City studio. Clothing designer, Ann Klein, sent various outfits to Milton's studio for Marilyn to wear, however all the outfits were 2 sizes too small. All of the poses in this sitting amusingly deal with Marilyn's problem of holding up the ill-fitting toule and satin dress. The most recognized image from this sitting was chosen as one of Time/Life's 3 most popular images of the 20th Century along with Albert Einstein & Winston Churchill.

    Here is another shot from the same series


    I used to have a framed poster of this shot. Well it's still in the house just not in my studio. It was "borrowed" several years ago by my now 19yr old daughter who liked the ballerina.

    Not too long ago it was again "borrowed" by my 8yr old daughter who also thought the ballerina was pretty

    Today I'm cruising through Model Insider, checking out the newest image uploads and 21 yr old Canadian model Stephanie Q posts these pics.

    8577-4e308b92d60f2This is an excellent take on a set of shots that I love. It's not a direct reproduction as you can see, but it captures the essence and theme of "Ballerina Sitting"
    Stephanie and AXS images do an excellent job of capturing that special combination of innocence, allure vulnerability, sensuality, and sex appeal.
    Marilyn Monroe was my first crush, my first pinup, my first. well use your imagination
    Stephanie Q and AXS sparked a nice memory of a great picture of Marilyn and that made for a good start to my day.
    I'll be keeping an eye on Stephanie Q. you just might see here featured here again
  • Tweed Teaser

    _DSC3272_filteredI came across this on Pinup Lifestyle this morning

    the model is Deadly Nightshade and this pic is titled "Tweed Teaser"


    If I am following the pic right it's for a site called Donovan's Darlings run by Kate Donovan of Kate's pinups. This is a new site to me and it looks like I'll be spending a little time there Smile





    so enjoy and have yourself a good day


  • go-go Amy and Pretty Things Peepshow

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    Let me tell you a little something about Pretty Things Peepshow and Miss go-go Amy.
    On their most recent tour they made a stop in Milwaukee and the timing was most unfortunate. Summerfest was going on at the same time and that is a huge draw around here for the 10 days it's going on.
    The crowd for the Pretty Things show was abysmally small but I was there with my buddy Don and we got to hang out with Vee Valentine and Raven Nevermore from The Brew City Bombshells . but more on them later
    I was always taught as that as a true performer, someone who loves what they do, is you play to an empty house with the same energy and drive as you do to a full one
    go-go Amy, Donny Vomit, Heather Holliday and Lil MIss Firefly are indeed true performers. They put on a helluva show to an empty house.
    4     5

    If you get a chance to see this show you'd better get there.

    Where else can you get a burlesque show from the lovely MIss go-go Amy, a true Coney Island sideshow experience in Mister Donny Vomit, a sword swallower and fire act from Heather and of course the The Midget of Mischief herself, Lil Miss Firefly

    here is a list of upcoming dates and venues
    pick the one closest to you and get your asses there

    August 4 MOJO 13 Wilmington DE

    August 5 The Rock Shop Fayetteville NC

    August 6 The Galaxy Lounge Johnson City TN

    August 7 The Muse Nashville TN

    August 8 Smoke and Barrel Tavern Fayetteville AR

    August 9 Jerry's Bait Shop Lee's Summit MO

    August 10 The Bourbon Theater Lincoln NE

    August 11 Benders Tavern Denver CO

    August 14 go-go Amy/Bobby Deal's Pin Up Modeling and Photography workshop

    To sign up go to

    August 15 LVCS Las Vegas NV

    August 16 Studio on 4th Reno NV

    August 18 Blue Lamp Sacramento, CA

    August 20 Diablo's Downtown Lounge Eugene OR

    August 21 Dante's Portland OR

    August 24 Crystal Bay Club Crystal Bay NV

    August 25 Fishlips Bakersfield CA

    August 26-28 EXXXOTICA Los Angeles

    August 28 The Dragonfly Los Angeles CA

    August 30 The Deadhorse San Angelo TX

    August 31 The Kessler Theater Dallas TX

    For more info on Pretty Things Peepshow go to
    4     3
    lemme wrap this up by saying thanks to go-go Amy.
    I've caught their show twice in Milwaukee and she's gone out of her way to spend a few minutes chatting with me after, and sometimes in the middle, of her show.
    Next time I hope I get to hang out backstage some, get some better pics, and maybe treat the crew to dinner.
  • My Love to Roxy and TC



    Take a couple days off from Twitter and the internet and what happens?
    One of my very favorite pinups and my absolute fave jugalette gets hitched to a guy I now consider one of the luckiest bastards out there


    Yes indeed the very lovely Miss Roxy Tart married That Cat In The Hat (TC for short)

    I dug deep and pulled out some pics from 2009 of the happy couple from Roxy's PL Profile







    My best to Roxy and TC

    Desidero per voi tutta la felicità di questo mondo

    Vi auguro cent'anni di felicità insieme

    Now do me a favor. go check out Roxy Tart's Facebook Fan Page

    Like it and show the bride some love!

    Now TC.. get to work

    Un Bacio Per La Sposa!!!

    Un Bacio Per La Sposa!!!


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