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  • August, 2011
  • Project Pinup



    Not too long ago I came across Project Pinup on twitter. or should I say they came across me.

    I don't think that Latinas get enough exposure in the pinup scene, so I asked for some pics and what you see here is what they sent me.

    Miss January, Miss February, Miss April, Miss June and Miss July

    or would that be Señorita Enero..

    No matter what you call them, I see pinups. Beautiful women, beautiful pics, and you know what? I'd love to have this calendar to hang in my studio.




    I got this in an e-mail from Gaby Castillo (well I think it was Gaby) that summed up what they are trying to accomplish:

    PROJECT PINUP is a Mexican photography project dedicated to the re-vamp of the woman today: We are sick of false and medically enhanced bodies, we want the real woman to be portrayed as beautiful just for its own sake once again! Every year we take pictures of 13 girls who are selected through a writing contest. :-)




    I love this philosophy and I am glad to feature these girls.

    Project Pinup's website

    Project Pinup on Twitter


    Looking at their website I see that Ede and Gaby have their selections made for the 2012 calendar and I can't want to see the pics.



    PS: added bonus. I see that Señorita Agosto, Gina Flowers, is online.. and just a few days till Señorita Septiembre


  • Alaysma Lady and Vintage Kittens Magazine

    tumblr_lo6jxn77xP1qg0xa3Just caught this on my Facebook

    Issue 6 of Vintage Kittens Magazine is out and available over on  Magcloud


    The cover girl is Alaysma Lady and I found myself just having to share


    There appears to be some facebook drama over these pics.


    Personally I don't see an issue with them at all, and I honestly hate censorship



    Dynamite Dames caught some kick ass images, yes she's a busty girl in a see thru top, and OH MY GOD you can see her nipples!!

    Guess what.. girls have nipples. hell boys have nipples too so get over it.

    I see more skin walking around the Third Ward of Milwaukee on a warm day


    tumblr_lo6k0ohLdB1qg0xa3 tumblr_lo6jz7GhTM1qg0xa3
    I'll be perfectly honest. I didn't even notice the see thru boob shot at first.
    I saw her eyes first, pretty clear and very nicely done makeup
    Then the cupids bow of her lips, also nicely done (MUAH shout out to Vintage Flair)
    and she looks like she has absolutely gorgeous soft skin.
    It was after looking at for a bit before I even noticed that she has pierced nipples.
    To me this is the hallmark of a wonderful combination of  photogtapher, model, and MUAH. My attentions are drawn to the overall look of the model and the setting, not a single (or pair) of assets.


    so listen up boys and girls. if you don't want to see beautiful pics of pretty girls.. stop looking at them. and stop reporting them to facebook.

    why must you try to enforce your own moral code on other people?

    I don't need your protection




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    Dynamite Dames

    Vintage Kittens Magazine

    Alaysma Lady on Facebook

  • Amber Lu

    252679_165217143542765_100001634401700_398565_7976106_nCame across this on Facebook today. The Model is Amber Lu and Rich Newnham is the photographer


    Now this is a great way to kick the week off.

    I'm pretty positive you'll be seeing more of Amber Lu here

    Amber Lu on Facebook

    Rich Newnham on Pinup Lifestyle




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