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Pinup Girls - Entries from September 2011

  • September, 2011
  • had to share



    even on My Favorite Pinups I have my favorites

    NolaChick is an often featured model and one of my very special favorites

    This is her new profile pic on Facebook and when I saw it I just had to come share.

    so go check out her work.. you'll love it

    I promise


    NolaChick's website 

    on Flickr

    on twitter

    on Facebook

  • found on Model Insider



    Found this on Model Insider today and just had to share it.

    The Photographer is Orlando Luna from Luna Studio and I have no idea who the model is.

    I really wish I did tho

    I don't even need to get into the outfit, it speaks for itself.

    Let's go instead to what was captured.

    A simple hotel room, very classy looking

    I think that the b/w photography emphasizes the understated elegance of the room.

    The model's MUAH is spot on noir and goes with the outfit very well

    The angle of her eyes and the little smile bring the picture all together and could be a textbook study of a noir shot


    If I find out who she is I'll see if she has some pinup shots.. if not well let me tell you Orlando, you should make her get some

    Check out Orlando Luna's work around the web:

    on Model Insider

    on Twitter 

    on Luna Studio's website

    Happy Friday and enjoy


  • Miss Coney Island Burlesque Beauty Pageant

    293545_2134956893317_1227926499_32430554_5099820_n   260583_1970253695840_1227926499_32257752_5222837_n
    A note to all my readers in the NY Metro area:
    I know you are looking for something to do on a Friday night.
    How about a little trip out to Coney Island?
    Tonight "Sideshows by The Seashore" (1208 Surf Ave, Coney Island, NY) and Bambi the Mermaid will be crowning a new Queen of Coney Island as part of the
    254855_1970253375832_1227926499_32257751_7123935_n   486715fcda92d


    The lovely lady you see here is Brooklyn Babydoll. she is indeed a contestant.

    If I was still in NY I'd be there rooting loud as hell for her

    BUT since I'm not.. you have to go do it for me


    Brooklyn Babydoll on Facebook

    Brooklyn Babydoll on Model Mayhem




    The show starts at 10:00pm EST and once again it's at:

    Sideshows by the Seashore
    1208 Surf Avenue, Coney Island NYC

    Votes, loud shout outs, hoots, hollers, whistles and lots of love for Brooklyn Babydoll

    Take care


  • Miss Dahlia Derriere

    I've been holding onto these pics of Dahlia Derriere for a couple weeks, just waiting to see if there any more hidden gems coming out. well I can't wait any longer. so I'll just share what I have from this set by Celeste Giuliano
    What we have here are 4 pics that just scream classic cheesecake and every schoolboy's fantasy
    Even this former schoolboy.
    (and note the pose in the very first picture.. look familiar? It's a take on Gil Elvgren's Teacher's Pet)

    Now, I've talked about Dahlia before on this site, but this might be her first feature here.

    IMHO, this pinup cutie needs more pics out there.


    Check out the following sites for more:




    Pinup Lifestyle


    Did I mention that she's a belly dancer too? yea I strongly suggest you check out here other pics for a more complete idea




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