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  • October, 2011
  • digale hola a Betsy Sinclaire



    Back in August I did a feature on Project Pinup - a Latina pinup calendar

    Betsy Sinclaire saw this feature and commented on it.


    "Me encanta what they are doing, que pena that it is only for Mexican women. There are other Latinas like me que hacen pin up that dont get enough exposure. But its is nice to see that their cross segment de la populacion is getting exposure :-) andale!!"


    Allow me to translate

    "I like what they are doing, I think that it is only for Mexican Women. There are other Latinas like me that do pinup that don't get enough exposure, But it is nice to see that their cross segment of the population is getting exposure.

    (yes I know enough spanish to be dangerous)


    299542_10100153570849911_33018613_43765930_579517862_n retroatparismarket

    Now I took this as somewhat of a challenge and sent Miss SInclair an e-mail asking for the links to her pics not knowing what to expect.

    This wasn't what I expected at all and I'm so glad I sent the mail that started this off.


    302676_10100145032994841_33018613_43703801_787372339_n 4e46d4bf3fed1


    Betsy Sinclaire is currently based out of Savannah, Georgia but is from San Juan, Puerto Rico


    From her Facebook Fan Page (which doesn't have anywhere near enough likes)

    Most of the people I come into contact with say I have an old soul. That is fully reflected in the fact that I love the 1940's and 50's. I love vintage clothing, pictures, decor, and the simplicity of life during those days. Even as a kid, while others watched more contemporary shows, I watched Patty Duke and Leave it to Beaver. I love my pearls and wear them EVERYWHERE. Like the ying and the yang, I have my June Cleaver side and my Dita Von Teese like sides. I support causes that are near and dear to my heart such as animal rescue and the military among others.




    Chacha Falling


    Now I look at these pics and one thought comes to mind.

    Wow. this looks like a 40's Cuban Dance Hall girl. It's a look I don't see a lot of in the modern pinup world and I have to admit that I love it.

    This 5'5" 36C-29-40 beautiful Latina has done a great job in capturing the essence of a very classy period of time.


    Grace SmallSquareFountainv2
    and of course I have links for you to go see more of Betsy
    Betsy Sinclaire on Facebook - go like her page.. she needs more fans



    Now Miss Betsy.. I grew up in a spanish neighborhood and I can salsa, mambo, and merengue

    none of them well, but I know the basics


    How about a dance?



  • Miss Blaise’s First Boudoir Shoot

    I was just cruising for pics over on Pinup Lifestyle and came across a shot I wanted to share



    This lovely lady is Miss Blaise and she says this is her very first boudoir shot.

    The photographer is Nicole Thomas Photography

    This 41yr old RN is based out of Mississippi and recently went to her first burlesque show

    She doesn't list a Facebook or a Model Mayhem account listed so I don't have her stats or any other information and I think that's just a shame

    She doesn't have very many pictures posted and that's a shame too


  • Happy Anniversary to My Favorite Pinups


    Yes it's true. My first post on this site was October 20th 2008 and here we are October 20th 2011 celebrating 3 years of me surfing the internet for pics of pretty girls to share

    and today I'm showing of one of my all time favorite girlies, Roxy Tart


    2 3

    from Roxy's Modal Mayhem

    "In everything I've ever done, I've always been a pinup. From rocking the gutter-punk style as a teen in Berkley to walking through Disneyland dressed to the rockabilly nines; I've always tried to make it more fabulous, more colorful, and more glamorous.
    My love affair with pinup started the first time I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blonds as a little girl. After that, I watched every classic Hollywood movie I could get my hands on. From the clothes they wore to the way they moved, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up; A bombshell, pin up socialite! As I grew up I experimented with a bunch of different looks and subcultures. From my days as a candy kid raver to my kawaii phase, the only constants were my ever changing hair color (natural colors can be so boring!) and the fact that every look had a touch of pin up in it.

    I found from another forum I frequented and instantly felt at home there, mainly because of all the incredible people who make up the site. When the opportunity arose to meet up with some of those people, I took it, and ended up making some of the best friends I've ever had. I started doing photo shoots (my first one was with the amazing Ama Lea) and I haven't looked back since.
    I love everything about this scene, the look, the music, and of course the people. Since I started modeling, it's been a never ending whirlwind of car shows, interviews, photo shoots, hairspray and red lips! I love this lifestyle. Pin up is the only thing I've ever wanted to do, and now that I am, I'm never going back!"




    I've spent some time talking to Roxy over in the chatroom at and I find her to be a fun loving, vivacious bundle of energy. She changes her hair color like most people change their t-shirts and there is ALWAYS a surprise waiting for you with Roxy.

    7  8


    As usual I've had issues choosing the pics for this feature.. Roxy has a fairly diverse look so I tried to choose shots that show off multiple facets of my fave jugalette


    A little noir, a little class, a little zombie, a little evil queen and of course a little disney


    and of course more than a little sexy (sorry fella's.. she's taken)

    Here's where you too can experience Roxy Tart

    Model Mayhem


    Pinup Lifestyle

    Roxy's website


    two last things

    1) special thanks to TC for the next shot


    that is some serious cleavage!

    and lastly.. when Roxy heard it was the sites anniversary she and Edson Carlos (always Daddy Cool to me) send me an exclusive shot. so here it is

    Roxy Tart by Edson Carlos 1


    all I can say to that is WOW. that's the kinda gal I want chasing me in my dreams

    thanks for the anniversary present



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