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Pinup Girls - Entries from February 2012

  • February, 2012
  • A pair from Vanessa Vixen


    There are days where it's just fun to be me

    Here I am looking for new pics to feature and what magically appears in my mailbox but 2 new pics from Vanessa Vixen shot by Surgeon Studios

    If you haven't caught this california cutiaebefore let me tell you a little about her.

    According to Model Mayhem, she's 5'2" and as far as the vital stats? 32-25-36

    To top it off she recently lost 24 pounds (CONGRATS!)





    If you want to see more, and I know you do

    check theses links out:

    Model Mayhem

    Pinup Lifestyle


    Tumblr - NSFW pics but damn that's hot



    Take care and enjoy


  • There’s My Sweater Girl



    I've been dreaming about a beautiful girl in a throwback sweater.

    I posted a pic on Facebook that Edson Carlos sent me and who comments but the lovely NolaChick comes out the tells me to wait till I see her next set

    Well I saw the set and just about fell over. This is EXACTLY was I was thinking about.

    A pretty girl, classic sweater and black skirt, and beautiful setting

    and now I get to share them with you.




    Places I go for more info on NolaChick

    Her Website
    Flickr Account
    Pinup Lifestyle




    I just love the whole set darlin.. you came thru for me again




    ps: the first shot and the last are my favorites... love the look on your face in the last on especially

  • A Good Valentines Day

    ImajStorm1You may find yourself asking:

    "Ok John.. this is a pinup website

    who the HELL are these people and where are the girlies?"

    maybe followed up by

    "that kinda looks like instagram but not really"

    Actually, that is a polaroid of myself and my wife Anne.


    This was taken at a New Year's Eve party in 1997 at a friends house in New York

    Anne had come out to visit and spend the holidays with me and to meet my family and friends.

    One of the things that really struck me was what my brother had to say.

    He said he'd never seen me so happy.. ever.

    and he was right.


    kissby February of 1998 I was driving from New York and moving to Wisconsin.

    That was our very first Valentines Day together.

    In 2001, Anne and I were married in a very small private ceremony, but that was good for me. she actually said yes

    So depending on how you want to count it this is our 14th Valentines Day, and our 11th Anniversary.



    Me-and-You-Laughing I was thinking I should thank Anne for giving me the best 14 years of my life, but honestly that sounds a little finite.

    I'm surprised every day that she puts up with my particular brand of bullshit, and not only puts up with, but ENCOURAGES my love of pinup girls. You know it's her fault that this site even exists.




    Me-and-Youso how about I just say that I'd loved being with you for the past 14 Valentine's Day and I look forward to the what the next 14 brings up.

    As long as it's me and you, I'm ready for anything


    I love you



  • sneak peek from Shannon Fatale

    with knife 1-1with knife 11-11


    I got this e-mail saturday night from Shannon Fatale titled:

    A few anti- Valentine's Day photos for you!

    and attached are the pics that you see here.

    I just loved em and send Shannon a reply back that I was going to feature them.

    She decided to give me an exclusive peek. these killer shots haven't been posted anywhere yet and I have to thank Shannon and Sailor's Grave Photography for sending them here first


    with knife 2-11with knife 5-11with knife 7-11


    Now I know you want to see more if this NYC pinup. go-go dancer, and ballerina

    yes I said ballerina.

    Shannon's Website

    Shannon on Facebook

    Shannon on Model Mayhem


    keep sending me pics darlin.. I love it




  • A nice surprise

    IMG_2571 copyIMG_2525 copy


    Well well well. lookit what I found in my inbox

    This is Canadian cutie Dixie Delight

    accoring to Model Mayhem she's 32 yrs old, 5'6" and 34B-26-36


    IMG_2577 copy


    She said:

    "Hi John

    My name is Dixie Delight and I am an aspiring Pin Up model in Canada. This set of photos were taken by the photographer duo Todd & Nadine Weflen. I love classic Pin Ups with and edge, tattoos, hot rods and stiletto heels"


    I say check out more of her stuff over on

    Model Mayhem



    Cute pics darlin. keep them coming



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