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  • June, 2012
  • Retro Lovely and my Father’s Day wish

    Back at the end of March I received a very heavy mysterious package in the mail.
    The return address was Michael Bann and I kind of recognized it, but nothing concrete
    So I tear open the package and what falls out?
    10 fewking issues of retro lovely for me to sample and review
    Michael sent me 3 regular issues, 3 taboo issues, 3 special editions and Star Maker No. 1 just make a nice even number
    Damn I love my job!!!

    Let's start out with the easy stuff. Each issue is printed on some seriously high quality paper, high gloss and made to last. Apparently each issue weighs close to a pound

    This is something designed to be passed down to my kids and possibly down to their kids some day.


    There is a couple of pages of advertisements in the front and in the back but other than that? Pages and pages of pinup girls.

    We're talking high quality shots of beautiful women in stunning color.

    I was consistently impressed with the quality and diversity of the shots in the magazine, just about every possible genre of pinup was covered

    The standard issues rock, the Special Editions show off a single photographers mad mad skills, and I shouldn't even get started on the Taboo editions. It's the same quality shots but themed more mature (read yes you'll see boobs). but not sleeze by any stretch of the imagination. This is exactly the kind of magazine I used to steal from my dad's sock drawer.


    now I know you want to run right over and check all this out for yourself

    Retro Lovely Magazine on Facebook

    Retro Lovely Magazine's website

    Click here to buy your own damn copy cuz you can't have mine

    A special blog from Michael Bann on Retro Lovely's second anniversary



    Now for the Father's Day wish.

    To all you dad's out there.. Happy Father's Day

    to all you kids out there (mine included) Retro Lovely has a subscription!!

    Can you imagine having Retro Lovely showing up in your mailbox?

    I know at this very moment in time I am



  • Hi Scarlet!!


    Scarlet von Harlet is on the list of my ALL TIME favorite pinups and she just updated her Facebook Cover to this picture.

    what I want to know is where is the rest of it DAMNIT



    Seriously tho.. I love the cover pic and while I was looking around I found this one and thought I'd share with you fine people

    Have a great night


  • Dear Facebook User:


    This is an open note to the small minded individual on Facebook who apparently has nothing better to do than look at every picture that gets uploaded with a magnifying glass.

    The picture you see to the right was uploaded by the one and only Daddy Cool himself, Edson Carlos.

    Now I thought it was a pretty pic, Luna Rae is very pretty and the outfit is pretty cool and then I moved on to other things.

    This morning I see a post from Edson that the pic was flagged and pulled. I had to go find the pic and look at it closely

    hmm. there is just a hint of areola

    Oh my. we have to save Facebook from the dreaded areola!!

    UGH. get a life will ya? there is more to do than troll facebook looking for things to flag.

    How about you go flag offensive political posts? or violence pics on facebook? or any of the hundred other things that might offend someone.

    All things being equal?

    I'll take the girlie pics with a touch of areola over violence any day.


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