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Pinup Girls - Entries from July 2012

  • July, 2012
  • Real Women Don't Look Like Barbie


    I posted this pic on the MFP Facebook page earlier this week and with the latest round of changes to how Facebook handles posts it didn't even show up on my own wall, who knows what algorithm they use for that.

    Apparently 179 out of the 516 likes I have on the page actually saw the post.


    Anyways I thought this was important enough to post here so anyone who wants can see it.


    The person in the picture is Katie Halchishick, and she is the co-founder of Healthy is the New Skinny and the Perfectly Unperfected Project.

    She also anchors an 8 page spread in O Magazine on beauty and body image.


    The lines you see drawn are what it would take to give her the "Barbie Doll" body.

    I stand by my comment. "Real Women Don't Look Like Barbie.. never have and never will"

    Give me curves on a real body ANY day of the week


    I think Ms. Halchishick is simply beautiful and if she ever does pinup shots I can tell you they will be featured. (hint hint I know photographers around LA)


    Healthy Is The New Skinny Website

    Healthy Is The New Skinny Blog

    Perfectly UnPerfected Program


    Check out their sites, and especially the PUP Program. You won't believe what this group does.



  • I have a bit of a crush on Roselynd Alexsandra



    I've been following this girlie around the web for close to a year now and always meant to sit down and give her a full blow feature. She's got a ton of beautiful pictures out there and if I have any excuse at all it's that. It's taken me this long to pick the pictures I wanted to feature. Yea ok you believe whatever you want.




    Roselynd Alexsandra is an extremely active model and is constantly posting pictures on her Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. She is not shy in her modeling that's for sure and poses in various styles including nudes (but listen up boys and girls, these are classy nudes, no spread leg shots, no porn and yes indeed she has a significant other)




    The Vital Stats:

    Roselynd is 21 years old, 5' tall, 30G-24-34 (and before you ask.. yes that is a natural 30G) and based out of Devon/Cornwall in the UK

    She has stars tattooed on her hip, ink on her ankles, and a few above her knee

    I'm sure if you look at the rest of her pics you can find all the ink




    Here's my take on it: I can see that Bettie Page is an inspiration to this UK cutie, not only in her look but her attitude.

    She's very versatile switching from the traditional pinups, thru noir, into modern pinup, all the way thru lingerie and glamour shots




    If you read this Roselyn I have a suggestion.

    I'd love to see you hook up with Rich Newnham in London or Kitty Wood from Pirate Photography in North East Lincolnshire. They are two of my favorite photographers in the UK

    If you ever make it to the US, My buddies Edson Carlos or Ryan Armbrust are the men to see, but if you do make it stateside, you better let me know so I can show up at the shoot




    You can find Roselynd all over the web and check out these sites for all of the best pics, 3including the ones that always get reported on Facebook

    Roselynd on Twitter

    Roselynd on Nuts

    Model Mayhem



    Ultra Vixens


    Pinup Lifestyle

    You really should browse thru all over her sites, take a look at all the pictures she has out there and most definitely add her on twitter where she posts previews of new shoots and kick ass candid pictures, yes this particular girlie is pretty even without her hair and makeup done.


    This last picture is one of my favorites and another from the same set was featured as a standalone shot at the end of May. Emma-Jane Photography took the shot and I really want to get my hands on an autographed print for my studio wall.


    yes I realize this was a long post and there are a lot of pics, but I hope you enjoyed them





  • Miss Laura Kay



    A while back, I started talking to Miss Laura Kay over in the Pinup Lifestyle chatroom.  We spent some time chatting about lots of different things and e-mailed back and forth a few times.

    Well today I was going thru old e-mails and just had to yell at myself for not featuring this girl before now.




    Lemme just say to MIss Laura Kay:

    I love your girl-next-door look and I'd love to see you get shot by Edson Carlos down in san Francisco, Tim Hunter down in Los Angeles, or Ryan Armbrust down in Louisville (it'd be worth the trip.. trust me)




    For those of you that keep score:

    Miss Laura Kay is 5'4"(without the killer high heels), Blonde with light blue eyes and 34DD- 27-36 with a dress size of 6


    Here are a couple of links to see more:

    When we chatted I remember her talking about branching her look out and getting away from that and doing some more edge work.

    well I'd love to see that

    I can see Miss Laura Kay in a killer noir shot, a dark fetish style shoot, motorcycle pinup, or even a garage shoot


    Just remember that I love preview pics in my inbox. it just makes my whole day


    have a great day everyone



  • Roxy Tart… need I say more?


    This pic hit my facebook feed the other day

    I love it and had to share it

    It's a pic of Roxy Tart so of course you want to look at it

    and of course you want to see more.

    Roxy Tart on Facebook

    Roxy Tart on the interwebs

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