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  • August, 2012
  • Party-Girls Pin-ups

    I love when I stumble on something local that I never knew was there.
    I caught a post on facebook about a pinup troop in Milwaukee call Party-Girls Pin-ups
    I dropped a note to founder Knuckles O'Malia and wanted to do a feature and help them out any way I could.

    If you are in the Milwaukee metro area this Saturday, Sept 1st at 7:00pm you need to show up at:

    Franks Power Plant

    2800 S Kinnickinnic Ave,
    Milwaukee, WI 53207-2252

    $6.00 at the door and The Carpetbaggers will start playing at 8:00

    There's a 50/50 raffle (buck a ticket or 6 for $5.00)


    They are sellng Party-Girl Pin-ups merchandise and you just might be able to snag yourself a signed print.
    OH and there is a KISSING BOOTH. yes for a buck you can get a kiss on the cheek from one of the girls
    Go Check em out online
    I can guarantee you will be seeing more of Knuckles and the girls
    I love the look at the attitude and what they are doing to show their support for the troops locally.
    And since I'm right down the road maybe I can get myself a couple of pics with the girls to post (not like that's a hint or anything)

  • The Walking Dead Girls

    I just love zombie stuff. I have a little mechanized pet zombie,  my son and I watch zombie movies, and dinnertime discussion can revolve around the zombie apocalypse (all in good fun tho)
    I have a collection of zombie books, my youngest daughter made me a zombie card for father's day (yes zombies need love too) and my favorite TV show is The Walking Dead.
    When I came across this Facebook page call The Walking Dead Girls I just had to go check it out. 
    Graphic Artis and Makeup Artist Fabionei Santos is based out of São Paulo, Brazil and does some completely kick ass zombie makeovers
    Some of the pictures may be somewhat disconcerting
    But I can assure you that no models were harmed or truly zombified in the creation of these images 
    Seriously tho.. I just love how Fabionei takes these beautiful ladies and turns them into zombies, and still has them retain the essence of their beauty
    here is what you do.
    Send a high resolution pic (well lit please), your name, age and location to:
    I have no idea what Fabionei's selection criteria is, or if he takes commissions but drop him a note and ask
    Here are the links to see more:


    I hope you enjoy these images. I know I do and I'll be keeping an eye on Fabionei and The Walking Dead Girls



  • Cherri Bomb and Romantic Rebel

    I've been following Bombshell Pinups Chicago on Facebook for quite some time. There are always new pics to be seen and let's face it Cherri Bomb is easy on the eyes
    Bombshell Pinups Chicago runs a Bombshell of the Month Contest that is worth checking out too
    One of the things I like best about the Facebook page is the interactivity.
    Cherri Bomb asks questions like  "Belly button rings: Hot or Not?" and when you respond she actually responds back
    If you ask a question, or make a comment you get an answer. it's not just a fan page, it's a chance to have a conversation.
    Check out Cherri Bomb and Bombshell Pinups Chicago
     And for even more fun. Cherri Bomb is the lead singer for a Chicago based band called Romantic Rebel and by the time you are reading this their debut CD should be hot off the presses
    The first single off the CD is called "Dirty Love Song" and there is a video on YouTube
    You can find more about Romantic Rebel on their Facebook page
    I like their sound a lot. I'm a hard rock fan and these guys know how to rock hard.
    Go check em out, enjoy the video, and catch a live show if you are in the area
    Until then I'll be watching for more pics from Cherri Bomb

    UPDATE: you can stream the Romantic Rebel's EP... give it a listen here

  • Say Hello to Lacy Von Voorhees



    Sometimes I really think twitter is a huge waste of my time, then every once in a while I get a note that so and so is following me on twitter.

    and sometimes that person turns out to be a beautiful pinup girl that I just have to feature




    This 20 year old Hopewell native is far from the typical "Jersey Girl" (and yes I know where Hopeville is)

    Standing 5'4", with measurements of 34-26-36, Lacy not only rocks pinup, but does cosplay, glamour, art, and fashion shoots, she's also a licensed cosmetologist.




    I really do dig her look, I think she is completely adorable in one shot

    smoking hot and sexy in another

    and over the top edge in yet another

    You really need to follow some of the links to get a good grip on her versatility




    You know you want to see more:

    Model Mayhem

    L.A.D.I.E.S. on Twitter

    L.A.D.I.E.S. on Facebook

    Lacy on Twitter

    Lacy on Facebook




    I saved the above shot for last. I just love her eyes in this one





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