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  • September, 2012
  • Pretty Things Peepshow on (off)Broadway



    Check this out. Go-Go Amy, Heather Holliday, and Donny Vomit have camped out at Theater 80, over at 1st Ave and St. Mark's Place  on Sept 20, 21, 22, and 23,with a different special guest every night.

    The show starts at 8:00pm and you can Get your tickets here

    (side note: there are still portions of the old cobblestone road on St Mark's and my great grandfather helped lay those cobbles)




    Pretty Things Peepshow out on one helluva show, I catch them everytime they come to Milwaukee as you can see in the pics below

    Donny Vomit is a true Coney Island Boardwalk Performer, Human Blockhead, Entertainer of the Odd, Dapper Dan of Danger, Emcee Extraordinaire, and check out the moustache

    Heather Holliday is one HOT babe. and by that I mean she swallows fire

    and swords. At a Milwaukee show I got to pull the sword out.. what a trip!




    Go-Go Amy is a top notch entertainer who truly has the heart and spirit of Burlesque

    I've caught her acts twice in person and have watched all the videos she has on her site

    During one tour they did a live webcast from the road and I didn't miss one.

    Amy is just all over lovely. She puts on a great show, is a sweetheart in person, and face it boys, she's easy as hell on the eyes




    The Pretty Things Peepshow Street Team

    Pretty Things Peepshow

    Get Your Tickets Here





    and yes this last one is a pic of me and Go Go Amy

    if I still lived in NY I'd be at Theater 80 every night they were playing

    if you do go tell Amy I sent you and give her a hug for me



  • Lady Scarlett Caught My Eye



    If you've been around here for a while you'll know how much I love redheads. I even married one


    I came across a pic of Lady Scarlett posted on Pinup Lifestyle of her in a black bikini, poolside and I just loved it. So I added her to my PL Fans list and headed over to Facebook to see more. and that led me to tumblr.




    Lady Scarlett hails from the El Paso, Texas area and I believe she's currently in Kileen, Texas

    I'm going to assume Fort Hood since this cutie is a an Army wife

    yea sorry guys, she's married and has three kids




    Some asked Lady Scarlett on tumblr":

    "What does your husband think about you posting half nude photos of yourself for the entire world to see?"

    I love her response:

    "My husband is my biggest supporter and this was his idea to post them here. He is also the one who set up my website so people can see all of them as well. They're just photos, if people are so prudish and offended by them, they don't need to look. My husband is happy I've found a way to express myself and enjoys it."




    Personally. I think Lady Scarlett is a beautiful woman and I'm glad she and her husband decided to share her pics with us all

    She's got a fairly versatile look that leans toward old hollywood class but pulls off the girl-next-door well.

    And some of the seduction shots are out of this world. The little 1/2 smile in the pic below is just one example




    You know there is always more to see.

    Lady Scarlett On Facebook

    Lady Scarlett on Pinup Lifestyle

    Lady Scarlett on Tumblr 

    (awesome pics on tumblr. some NSFW, but worth the write up from HR)




    These last three pics might get me in trouble with my hosting company, but I wanted to post them anyways.

    Yes you can see some boob, some nipple, and some ass. but I think they are so well done the allure is in the shot itself, not the skin.


    Enjoy. I know I did



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