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Pinup Girls - Entries from October 2012

  • October, 2012
  • Happy Anniversary to MFP


    Yes indeed it's true

    My Favorite Pinups is now four years old

    The very first post was on October 20th 2008

    Here's the first post and there isn't a single picture on it


    The first pics were from the likes of Frenchy St Claire, Cherry Laine, Go-go Amy, Miss Niki, Kitty Walls  and some other folks I've long lost touch with.




    (That's NolaChick right above)

    (Nola is a sweetheart in print and in real life as well)

    For this years post I decided just to post a few of my favorite pics and kind of chat around them

    (Scarlet von Harlot ------>)

    (Scarlet sent me a signed poster print for my collection)

    I have fairly diverse tastes when it comes to pinups




    (<------ London Andrews)

    My Favorite Pinups was my wife's idea if the truth be told. I was complaining about some of the pinup sites out there and them not exhibiting what I was looking for

    She said I should just do my own site and this is what came out.

    We did the graphics, yes ok she did the graphics, and I did the backend. What you see here is the second layout of the site and I don't see a good reason to change it.




    <--- that's Wink Holliday --->
    (I just love Wink by the way)
    I may not post every day, hell I might not post once a week but when I see a picture or a girl that catches my eye I'm sure to post it so you can see it too
    Unlike many sites, I don't take advertising so I'm not here to make money



    ( Lady Scarlett ------->)

    And I don't generally accept submissions.

    meaning I actually go around Facebook, Pinup Lifestyle, and other pinup site and look for pictures to feature

    I occasionally get pictures and links mailed to from girls or photographers, and I always go out and look to see what they have to offer. More often than not I give a feature to the people that e-mail me.

    And I take suggestions from other pinup fans or models that I have featured who see something that they think would interest me



    (<--- This is Roxy Tart)

    (Roxy is one of the girls I met doing this site that I just adore and I consider her a good friend)




    This may not be the most popular pinup out there.


    I don't have the following that some of the others do, and I'm nowhere near the top in search rankings

    but I'll tell you this. if you find yourself featured on this site it's because I really do think that your work has merit and I like it.



    ( yes that is me over there -------->)


    So if you've never been featured, drop me a line

    If you have been featured and have new sets, drop me a line

    Until then I'll just keep doing what Ive been doing

    Cruising the net looking for pics that catch my eye and sharing them with you.


    Enjoy looking at the site as much as I enjoy doing it.




  • Mi Casa es Tu Casa



    So I got this e-mail from Daddy Cool his own bad self


    "If you have a "Mi Casa es Tu Casa" attitude that can provide shelter for a night, a great personality, the ability to deliver hotness in front of a camera, and can cook Ramen Noodles or do better, Run and fill out a SHOOT ME! request NOW at !"


    I don't think a chance like this will come up again anytime soon so jump on it if you are in the area.





    Just a few of my features on Edson

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