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Entries from December 2012

  • December, 2012
  • Merry Christmas from me to you


    RoxyTart CherryLaine
    Roxy Tart
    Cherry Laine


    I'm not going to put a lot of text here this year.

    I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas

    and share some of my most favorite pinups


    nola2 LadyScarlett wink1
    Lady Scarlett
    Wink Holliday


    Enjoy yourself



  • Sourpuss Clothing

    Happy Kamper dress

    About a month ago my wife sent me a link to a company I've never worked with before. Sourpuss Clothing

    Earlier this year we picked up a 1962 Layton camper, affectionately  called a "canned ham"

    The dress she sent is called the Happy Camper Aubrey Dress and features martini glasses, flamingos and a canned ham camper

    Well I felt the need to get it for her.. and while I was at it I went on a bit of a shopping spree for my wife and my eldest daughter


    The pics you see here is everything I ordered. yea I'm an enabler ;-)


    Kreepsville Bones dressSteady Fancy Picnic dressLil Birdie Peggy dress


    The prices are Sourpuss were pretty good, shipping was reasonable and communication on my order was excellent. There's more to the communication.. but I'll get to that in a moment.

    My package came in and when I got home from work it was fashion show time!!!

    My wife put on her Happy Kamper dress and it looked just amazing!

    Her Lil Birdie Peggy dress was just fucking adorable

    We didn't have as much luck with the Steady Fancy Picnic Dress or the Tripp Sookie Dress

    Who ever sized those clothes must have been smoking something besides cigarettes


    Now this is NOT a knock on Sourpuss by any stretch of the imagination. read on..


    Steady Anchor Play shortsTripp Sookie DressWant Yer Skull slit dress


    I dropped a note to Andy at Sourpuss telling him the tale of sizing woe and asking what to do and within an hour I had e-mail explaining the return process and explaining how different companies size their garments.


    So after Alexi tried on her clothes (hers all fit pretty well and hopefully I'll have pics soon) and acquired the Tripp Sookie Dress I shipped the Steady Fancy Picnic Dress back to Sourpuss in New Jerset


    Again there was a very quick turn around and excellent communication from Andy and Deidre and in a couple days we had a different size of the Steady Fancy Picnic Dress .

    Unfortunately, that wasn't the right size either. I'm sure that Sourpuss would have refunded me for it, but honestly I think I bothered them enough.


    All in all? I love their site, love their ethics and communication and plan on doing business with them again.




  • of course I still <3 NolaChick



    Model Mayhem says that NolaChick is 5'7" and 34C-26-37

    That little tidbit of information doesn't even start to tell the tell of this New Orleans girl.

    I've always wanted to go to New Orleans, as a bass player I've always thought about it as someplace every musician NEEDS to go to.

    Of course I've romanticized it in my mind and assumed I'd run into a girl and we'd dance the night away

    This IS that girl.




    NolaChick on Facebook

    NolaChick's website

    NolaChick on flickr

    and on Twitter





    oh look. here's a video of NolaChick's New Orleans Wedding Magazine shoot



    I consider NolaChick a friend of mine. We chat from time to time, she sends me random messages about girls I should check out and she's simply a lovey lovey girl inside and out.


    and of course. she one of my absolutely favorite pinups



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