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Pinup Girls - Entries from January 2013

  • January, 2013
  • Raven Hell - What's not to love?



    Cruising around Facebook last night and I came across this post from Raven Hell
    "whoa, what's with all the 'unlikes'?? Those of you who are left, if you want to share my page with your friends I'd love it... :)"

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  • love this pic


    This pic came across my feeds today and I just had to share it.

    The model is Mimi Amore and you should go check out her stuff


    I'm sure there will be a full feature soon enough









  • It's ALL about the curves



    The other day a link came across my Facebook feed. it was a pic of a guy holding a sign that said "I <3 Curvy Girls"

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  • Happy Birthday to Roxy Tart



    I just wanted to take a moment to wish one of my absolute favorite girlies a Happy Happy Birthday!

    These are some of my fave pics of Roxy

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  • Look at what I got in the mail


    I was cleaning my desk today and found an unopened envelope. so I popped it open and what do I find inside?


    A signed print from Dee Dee Desire that has been sitting here for over a month

    Thank you Dee Dee, this made my day


    I'm over at scouting pics for a more indepth feature, but for now this will have to tide you all over



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