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  • February, 2013
  • Meet Rosie Revolver

    I thought you all should meet Rosie Revolver
    This lovely 22 yr old Santa Rosa California girl came across my Facebook feeds a couple of weeks ago
    Miss Rosie Revolver is 5'6" and 36E-30-34
    for those of you who have trouble translating that.. it's mean Curvy with a capital "C"
    oh my yes please and thank you
    I have to tell you I think this girl is just flipping adorable and I'd love to see her do a couple of pinup cheesecake shots
    She's got that girl next door kinda face and just looks like a sweetheart
    You can catch more over on:


    I love this line on her Model Mayhem

    "I am a curvier model, if you want a thin girl, you're barking up the wrong tree"


    Love the attitude darlin



  • Say Hello to Ruby Roxx

     A while back Curvy Girls Appreciation ran a pic of Ruby Roxx
    and I ran to her Facebook page and started going thru pics
    I can't help it. Ruby Roxx has a lot going for her and a lot that I love in a pinup
    This 28 year old Vancouver, British Columbia native is 5'10" and a curvy 38DD-30-42
    I just love curvy girls, and you all know how much I love redheads
    More than the curves tho. Ruby is one of those versatile models who can range from glamour, cheesecake, noir and looks like she is having a good time doing it
    There is more to be seen:
    4I was almost done with this post but I had to go back and grab one last picture.
    I gotta say I just love this one.
    The lighting and the way her hair is, the expression on her face all come together for a shot that I would love to hang on my wall 

    I saved this picture for last. with a good reason


    I'm not sure there is anything sexier than a curvy girl wearing a button down men's shirt

    and I love the addition of the bowtie


    I have a white tuxedo shirt in my closet, and a bow tie


    Just saying



  • Riot Vixen Magazine March Cover Contest

    217587_282810278515119_1777847004_nI posted a pic the other day of Mimi Amore and started following Nicole LeBlanc from ReLe Photography

    Nicole is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers .. just an FYI


    Anyways, Nicole dropped me a note to tell me that Mimi Amore and Makenzie Nichole were in a contest


    Well I wanted to send them both a little love and tell you all how to participate.




    First off go to:

    Riot Vixen Magazine of Facebook

    Like the page

    Go to the March Cover Contest

    Find the two pictures you see here

    Click Like


    see that's not all that hard at all


    What are you waiting for?



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