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  • April, 2013
  • Smoking Hot Roxy Tart


    How's this for a smoking hot pic?

    The one, the only, Roxy Tart


    Just found this pic on my Facebook Stream and had to run post it




  • A Little October DiVine for My Birthday


    Well another year rolls on thru.

    It's my birthday and I thought I'd treat myself with a little October DiVine


    This pic came across my Facebook feeds this morning and I thought WOW this is exactly what I was looking for today





    You can find more of this 5'3" 32FF-27-36 UK Cutie

    On Facebook

    On Model Mayhem

    On her website

    and on Pinup Pictures





    Thanks to October DiVine for posting these pics for me to find today


    All I can say in closing is

    Happy Birthday to me :-)

  • Kitty Von Kupcake and the picnic dress



    Few months ago I picked up a bunch of clothes from Sourpuss Clothing, including the Steady Fancy Picnic Dress. well long story short is that it didn't fit any of the girlies in my house.

    So I posted a pic and a note on Facebook putting it up for grabs and Kitty Von Kupcake called "DIBS!"




    This 38-32-39 Sacramento based cutie pie sent me her name, address, and cell number.. and no I'm not sharing damnit

    and here is the shoot from Leonard Row Photography and I have to say I just love it. perfect setting and model for that outfit



    You can catch Kitty on her Facebook Page

    She wrote on her page that she really does make cakes. I like cakes

    and pinup pics and autographs too ;-)


    All that aside.. go check out Kitty's page

    Lots of great pics to see from a very pretty lady



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