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  • May, 2013
  • Dear Anonymous


    From time to time I get an email or a Facebook message from a pinup or a photographer or even from someone wanting to guide me to some pics.


    Today I received a couple of pics from a fan without any info, no fan page, no links, no stats nothing. just the pics

    She's asked to remain Anonymous, and I'll honor that


    If you've been around the site for a while you know that I post pics that I like or speak to me on some level and it's not always "traditional" pinups.


    1First off I love this pose in general, and Miss Anonymous is showing a certain vulnerability and strength in the pose

    The line that her body creates draws my eye from spot to spot, from tattoo to tattoo across her body.

    One of the things that makes for a interesting picture to me is one that makes me wonder about the story of the subject.

    I have that in this pic as well.. I want to know Miss Anonymous' story and what she is thinking as this is being taken.


    Well Miss Anonymous you caught my attention and any time you want to send me more you know where I am





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