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  • August, 2013
  • Go-go Amy is in a contest!


    Now everyone know that I just love Go-go Amy

    Well I just heard she was in the

    The Pinup Magazine Pin Up of the Month Contest


    So do me a huge favor and go over to Pin Up of the Month Contest and show Go-go  Amy some love


    Click here to go to the contest page





  • Congrats to HellCath

    For those of you not following the scorecard My Favorite Pinups and are doing a little bit of work together. runs a monthly contest and I do a feature on the winner.
    No I'm not a judge.. I just like pretty girls ;-)
    The August 2013 winner is Hell Cath.. this 25 yr old canadian cutie is 5'7" 36C-26-36 and hails from Montreal, Qubec. And the lady speaks french
    Personally I think HellCath is just fucking adorable.. very expressive eyes and damn I just love the smirk you see in some of these shots
    She says her eyes are hazel-green but they are one of those special shades that pick up a little something from whatever she is wearing and the light and that makes you look twice at every shot
    You can find her over on:

    Make sure you check out and their Facebook Page.

    sign up for their E-Mail list and get pretty girlies in your mail box every flipping day





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