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  • January, 2014
  • Congrats to Josephine Blossom – January 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month

    Oh how I do so love you guys
    You drop pinup girls in my mailbox almost daily
    You host a contest every month and I get to participate. and to kick off 2014 you send me Josephine Blossom as your January Pinup-Doll of the Month.
    Josephine hails from Germany and is just one adorable lady. She's got that classic Hollywood line and can light up the joint with a smile.
    The kind of girl you can take home to mom and then take out on the town to be the envy of the men around you.
    I had fun translating this from 30's to 50's

    Name: Josephine Blossom Haarfarbe: blond Augenfarbe: grün
    Maße: 84-69-94 Größe: 1,63m Körbchengröße: 75C

    Name Joesphine Blossom Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green

    Measurements: 33-27-37 Height: 5'4" Cup Size: 34B

    so congrats on being the January 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month, and I will be keeping a close on your pages for new shots
    You can catch Josephine on:

    yea yea yea normally I just take the pics that sends me and I post em.


    This time tho there were some shots on Josephine's Facebook that I just had to share.


    Like this one to the left. The reflection of her face in the glass is a kick ass well composed shot and I think black and white was the right choice for this.





  • American Classic Magazine



    I'm always on the lookout for new things to read and, of course, new pinup girls

    Lady Scarlett sent me the Christmas Issue and The Ravishing Redheads editions of American Classic Magazine




    American Classic Magazine is published by Lady Scarlett and is a "New magazine specializing in gorgeous pin-ups and classic glamour!"

    What I'm liking about this is I am seeing a lot of pretty girls who I haven't seen yet

    Of course I know the likes of Lady Scarlett, Ludella Hahn and the ever lovely Shannon Fatale, but plenty of these girls are new to me




    American Classic Magazine

    Get Your Copy Here

    American Classic Magazine on Facebook




    Now there are just screenshots of the PDF's that Lady Scarlett sent me. The $5.00 digital edition off MagCloud is high quality and I can only imaging the quality in the print edition.


    I love what I am seeing so far and I'd encourage to grab a copy for yourself when it hits print on January 20th. I'll be grabbing my copy as soon as I can.



  • Hello Miss Roxy

    Roxy boudoir 005Roxy boudoir 010
    I love getting images before anyone else does. and in fact I've had this set since Thanksgiving. I'm sorry that I have been hording but I've wanted to keep these all to myself. I did post some hazed out previews but nothing compared to the unedited pics.
    Again sorry but I can be one greedy bastard.
    Roxy boudoir 002Roxy boudoir 008Roxy boudoir 004
    The lovely girl you see here is Miss Roxy Tart. I met her over on Pinup Lifestyle a few years back and featured her for the first time Ausust 1st 2009
    Over the years we've become very good friends, We text and talk from time to time and to be perfectly honest I just love my fave jugalette
    Roxy boudoir 009Roxy boudoir 013
    Yes I am aware that there is a duplicate in here. but I liked the color and the b/w version
    so I decided to share both
    Roxy boudoir 011Roxy boudoir 014
    Here's where you can find even more Roxy:

    Roxy's Website

    Roxy Tart on Facebook

    Roxy Tart on Pinup Lifestyle

    Roxy Tart on twitter



    Roxy boudoir 003SFWI do have the NSFW version of this pic
    If you want to see Miss Roxy in all her glory

    Click Here


    I've come across a lot of plastic people trying to find girls to feature over the years.

    Let me tell you, Roxy is not in any way plastic.

    She's a very real girl, a very real person, in no way cookie cutter and the first time I featured her I said .

    "What do I see?
    I see a girl who is a lot of fun
    knows how to have a good time
    and knows how to enjoy life"


    And that hasn't changed one little bit over the past 5 years.





  • I do so love Nola Chick

    There are days when I just love running this site. The other day I got an unexpected mail from one of my fave of faves Nola Chick
    She was first featured here 5 years ago today
    Over the years this 5'7" 36C-26-37 New Orleans cutie has been featured several times and we've become friends. I even know her real name and nope I'm not telling
    So anyways Nola Chick sends me a bunch of pics, in high res I might add, for use on My Favorite Pinups. I used a few of them for this post and the rest came from her flickr and facebook accounts. When I realized January 8th as coming up I decided to raid her sites and grab a lot of pics.. and yet some how 21 pics just don't seem to be enough
    I've always seen Nola as one of those classic Hollywood beauties. Whether it's a simple girl next door shot, a femme fatale, or the fantasy girl. She has a great look to shift from genre to genre and still look like pure class
    and of course there is the little smirk that pops up, the "come hither" glance, the pretty smile and of course gorgeous eyes
    Get more Nola Chick:
    Flickr - tons and tons of pics here
    8206412565_1d942698c7_b8207493174_106fbdee8c_b12 (2)


    There's one picture that I've always wanted to see of Nola Chick and one day I'll get it and post it here.

    Her dressed up for a night on the town in New Orleans and with her is me in my suit and black fedora. Just dinner, cocktails, a stroll through the French Quarter and one spin on the dance floor is all I want


    Not too much to ask is it?



  • Hello Jessica Cameron

    I have a twitter but honestly I don't use it all that much. I'll go follow someone that catches my eye but that's about it.. Last week I got an email that Jessica Cameron was following me..
    graphic 111-1024x819Jessica Cameron Headshot - Laying red dress-1024x819
    Now I don't know if you know the name but it rang a bell for me.
    You see I'm a huge horror movie fan and Jessica was in the remake of Silent Night and a flick I've been waiting to see called Truth or Dare and looking thru her IMDB I really want to see her as Norma Jean in The Black Dahlia Haunting
    While not a "traditional" pinup I can see Jessica's taking her scream queen status to the noir world. She's simply beautiful with stunning eyes that would fit right in with the femme fatale role
    Untitled0000778-1024x933untitled (7 of 31)50a18a7369348-1024x770
    This 5'4" 34B-27-36 Ontario native studied fashion as Ryerson University and was featured in Brides of Beverly Hills as a bridal stylist.
    In 2010 she won a Golden Cob award for Rising B Movie Star and best cameo at Pollygrind for The Black Dahlia Haunting
    She was also in the SyFy channel movie Camel Spiders (I never miss a SyFy original)
    Jessica Cameron Headshot - Red Dress, Sitting-819x1024untitled (3 of 31)-682x1024Untitled0000693-682x1024
    You can find out more about Jessica here:


    and tell me these last two shots don't fit right into the pinup fantasy. go ahead I dare ya

    So there you have it. my new scream queen fave, B movie goddess and horror movie star.. Jessica Cameron





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