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Pinup Girls - Entries from January 2014

  • January, 2014
  • Congrats to Josephine Blossom - January 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month



    Oh how I do so love you guys
    You drop pinup girls in my mailbox almost daily
    You host a contest every month and I get to participate. and to kick off 2014 you send me Josephine Blossom as your January Pinup-Doll of the Month.

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  • American Classic Magazine



    I'm always on the lookout for new things to read and, of course, new pinup girls

    Lady Scarlett sent me the Christmas Issue and The Ravishing Redheads editions of American Classic Magazine


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  • Hello Miss Roxy

    Roxy boudoir 005Roxy boudoir 010

    I love getting images before anyone else does. and in fact I've had this set since Thanksgiving. I'm sorry that I have been hording but I've wanted to keep these all to myself. I did post some hazed out previews but nothing compared to the unedited pics.
    Again sorry but I can be one greedy bastard.

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  • I do so love Nola Chick



    There are days when I just love running this site. The other day I got an unexpected mail from one of my fave of faves Nola Chick
    She was first featured here 5 years ago today

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  • Hello Jessica Cameron



    I have a twitter but honestly I don't use it all that much. I'll go follow someone that catches my eye but that's about it.. Last week I got an email that Jessica Cameron was following me..

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