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Entries from January 2016

  • January, 2016
  • Bourbon Betties Hotel Shoot



    I've been stalking Bourbon Bettie's Facebook page since I featured her late last year.

    And I have to say that I am glad that I did.

    Bourbon Bettie posted a few pics yesterday from a recent set called "Hotel Shoot"

    I shared one of them because I love the pic, the sheer panties (from Secrets and Lace), the implied tease and everything else just look kicker in black and white.

    So what happens last night? I get an e-mail from Bourbon Bettie herself with two exclusive pics just for me.

    Well of course I had to share them with you all.


    Click Here to read the whole feature and see the NSFW pics

    It's password protected tho... you have to ask me nice

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  • Something special from Bourbon Bettie


    I've been a huge fan of the female form since I was a kid growing up in the 70's.
    Of course I stole my dad's Playboys and the rest of the magazines he tried to hide in his nightstand
    (To be honest I don't think he tried to hide them all that hard. love you Pop)


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  • I’m keeping an eye on Bourbon Bettie



    I just for home from work and I was checking out the latest uploads over on Pinup Lifestyle and I can across this pretty little Minnesota cutie

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