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Entries from January 2017

  • January, 2017
  • Say Hello to Alana

    I listen to a station out here in Wisconsin, 95 WIIL Rock, and they have a daily spot called the screenshot babe of the day.
    From time to time they get pinup/boudoir pics and occasionally they get pics that I want to share
    This is one of those times

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  • A little Roxy DLite

    I’m married to a very special woman let me tell you.
    She sent me an IM this morning and said she thought I might like this pic

    and yes you can bet I do
    This is Roxy DLite, burlesque queen, producer, photographer and model

    and don’t forget movie star

    You can check her out on:
    Roxi on Facebook
    Roxi's website

    and of course… one of my fave movies
    he Burlesque Assassins



  • Bourbon Bettie is back

    As I finish up formatting My Favorite Pinups with it’s new backend, I thought it only fitting that I take the opportunity to welcome Bourbon Bettie back to the pinup and modeling world.

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