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Lips, Nails, Toes…


Just came across this pic over on Pinup Lifestyle and it really caught my attention

The photographer is Justice Howard

The model is Auburn Hills

Overall, it's a nice shot. I like the scene, bathtub shots always work.

The lighting and photography are spot on, the focus of the shot is good as well

Wanna know what kicks me over on this shot?

Well lemme tell you.. I'm married to a nail tech (check out Nailed It!) and while I've always noticed things like manicured nails, she's helped me to focus in on those details that can make or break a shot

that being said, what caught my eye was the finishing touches. Auburn Hills' lipstick and nail polish make your eye jump from her half smile, to her manicured nails, down to her pedicured toes and back up again

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