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My Favorite Pinups

Let me introduce Lollipop Deville

Lollipop Deville - Boudoir LouisvilleAdam Pinup-2Lollipop Deville - Boudoir Louisville-2


Ryan from Boudoir Louisville is arguably the best pinup/boudoir photographer I've seen

That's why he's been a featured photographer on My Favorite Pinups several times

Now and again he surprises even me.

I'm featuring one of the hottest new names in the pinup world, Lollipop Deville

Unfortunately Lollipop is not disclosing any vital statistics , no height, weight, chest or hips measurements, but I don't think we need to know them. The pics speak for themselves

As with a lot of the pics I feature here, something about this strikes me.

Lollipop makes me think he's really having a lot of fun, and pulls off some beautiful classic pinup poses.

so much so that Lollipop and Ryan have put together "Boudoir Louisville Presents Lollipop Deville's Guide to Pinup Posing" available on Magcloud only $10 for the Digital Edition and you get 49 classic pinup poses on 54 pages


Boudoir Louisville

Boudoir Louisville on Twitter

Lollipop Deville on Facebook


My hat is off to Ryan and Lollipop Deville for putting this together I think you are doing a great service to the community and I hope to see more pinup shots of Lollipop soon


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