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Atomic Bombshells Magazine

allYou know something? I just love free previews in my mailbox!!

And to top it off, it's was a 13 page high quality preview of a brand new magazine: Atomic Bombshells Magazine


This is shaping up to be one kickass pinup magazine and from what I hear it's currently at the printer


Are you excited yet?


Well you should be. 




The 62 page first issue is going to set you back $11.00 (well. $10.50 if you get your ass over to the website and preorder NOW) plus $5.50 in shipping payable via Paypal

Talking to the owners via e-mail I did ask about the price and digital versions etc etc and they gave me a very valid answer.


"We're going to be full print. . not a magcloud, and we're not going to be selling digital versions. We're trying to be more like other magazines out there and have some high standards. We're shooting for quality!"


You get get your by heading over to:

Atomic Bombshells Magazine on Facebook

Atomic Bombshells Magazine on the web




clicking the logo will also get you to their site




Guess the real question now is does yours truly get a comp copy to do a full review or do I break out the credit card and buy one.. hmmm.. I think I have money sitting in my paypal account.


This really is looking like a mag I'm going to want to get on a very regular basis and maybe even take an ad out in.

So let me say best of luck to everyone at Atomic Bombshells and I look forward to seeing where you all go from here







  • patrick Zakrzewski  
    Hi I would like to order only 1 issue #9 what would it cost me for one issue, and if possible autographed by Dixie Delight Thank you Patrick Zakrzewski
  • patrick Zakrzewski  
    I would like to order 1 issue #9 and if possible autographed by Dixie Delight thank you Patrick Zakrzewski
  • John  
    Hello Patrick,

    sorry but I don't work for Atomic Bombshells Magazine, I just reviewed their magazine.

    Please feel free to contact them directly at

    or on Facebook at

    tell em John from My Favorite Pinups sent you on over


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