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My Idea of Beauty

One of the few site I hit every day is, a collection of cool shit that other people find and post.
One of the posts this morning was called "How they fixed pinup girls in the 50s (no photoshop)" and it contained a series of source photographs that Gil Elvgren used to create his best known pinup work


Of course I'm an Elvgren fan, I love the art work and the pretty ladies

But the main reason I wanted to put these here was to to show, and to add to my definition of beauty.


Curves, Ladies and Gentlemen, are the answer

No stick thin, straight hipped, no boob-ed women here

Not one of these ladies makes me want to make then a couple sandwiches

I love curves, I love femininity, I love the outfits and I love the feelings that they evoke

and not just "those" feelings either


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