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My Favorite Pinups

Cherri Bomb and Romantic Rebel

I've been following Bombshell Pinups Chicago on Facebook for quite some time. There are always new pics to be seen and let's face it Cherri Bomb is easy on the eyes
Bombshell Pinups Chicago runs a Bombshell of the Month Contest that is worth checking out too
One of the things I like best about the Facebook page is the interactivity.
Cherri Bomb asks questions like  "Belly button rings: Hot or Not?" and when you respond she actually responds back
If you ask a question, or make a comment you get an answer. it's not just a fan page, it's a chance to have a conversation.
Check out Cherri Bomb and Bombshell Pinups Chicago
 And for even more fun. Cherri Bomb is the lead singer for a Chicago based band called Romantic Rebel and by the time you are reading this their debut CD should be hot off the presses
The first single off the CD is called "Dirty Love Song" and there is a video on YouTube
You can find more about Romantic Rebel on their Facebook page
I like their sound a lot. I'm a hard rock fan and these guys know how to rock hard.
Go check em out, enjoy the video, and catch a live show if you are in the area
Until then I'll be watching for more pics from Cherri Bomb

UPDATE: you can stream the Romantic Rebel's EP... give it a listen here


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