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My Favorite Pinups

The Walking Dead Girls

I just love zombie stuff. I have a little mechanized pet zombie,  my son and I watch zombie movies, and dinnertime discussion can revolve around the zombie apocalypse (all in good fun tho)
I have a collection of zombie books, my youngest daughter made me a zombie card for father's day (yes zombies need love too) and my favorite TV show is The Walking Dead.
When I came across this Facebook page call The Walking Dead Girls I just had to go check it out. 
Graphic Artis and Makeup Artist Fabionei Santos is based out of São Paulo, Brazil and does some completely kick ass zombie makeovers
Some of the pictures may be somewhat disconcerting
But I can assure you that no models were harmed or truly zombified in the creation of these images 
Seriously tho.. I just love how Fabionei takes these beautiful ladies and turns them into zombies, and still has them retain the essence of their beauty
here is what you do.
Send a high resolution pic (well lit please), your name, age and location to:
I have no idea what Fabionei's selection criteria is, or if he takes commissions but drop him a note and ask
Here are the links to see more:


I hope you enjoy these images. I know I do and I'll be keeping an eye on Fabionei and The Walking Dead Girls



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