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Say Hello to Veronica Virgo

The other night I got a text from Roxy Tart (yes I get texts and calls from Roxy. aren't you just jealous) telling me to check out Veronica Virgo.
So I did.
I've been a fan of Veronica's on Pinup Lifestyle for a while, but I'm sad to say that she fell off my radar and that's my bad
Thanks much to Roxy for pointing me back to Veronica
Sorry boys, no published stats on this girlie that I could find.
Veronica is simply a beautiful girl with a great look, and I love how she uses it.
Aside from her obvious assets, she has gorgeous expressive eyes.. The kind you would be more than happy to get lost in
There is one pic in this feature where you can see her breast tattoo's
I'm looking around now to see if I can find an uncensored shot to get a better idea of the full scope of that tattoo
If Veronica wants to send me one. oh I'd love that
As always here is where you can go to see more, and I suggest you do


I love beautiful women, that's the whole purpose of this site

Veronica Virgo fits the bill







  • CaptJeff  
    VV Is an amazing person that I'm proud to call a friend! Beautiful inside and out! Great Site V :-) CaptJeff
  • Daves Stephenson  
    What an absolutely stunning young lady! Truly beautiful!!
  • Victor Da Silva  
    wow very nice curve you look stonning.

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