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My Favorite Pinups

Too Flipping Adorable


Let me introduce you to the next generation of pinup girls.

Now you know I feature girls of all ages, types, sizes whatever catches my eye, but I can tell you this is the youngest girlie ever to grace the pages of My Favorite Pinups.


This is Miss Lexi. She's trying to be just like Mom. the beautiful Lady Scarlett


Miss Lexi did a shoot with Lone Star Pin-up and from what I hear did her own poses with inspiration from mommy



Isn't that just the cutest Rosie take off you've ever seen?


Seriously.. I want to encourage things like this. The only way that pinup will survive thru the next generation is if we teach them young.


So MIss Lexi. you are now one of my favorite pinups





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  • Lisa Hall  
    Miss Lexi is simply adorable!! A true beauty, just like her Mummy... Love them both to bits xxx

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