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My Favorite Pinups

Say Hello to Ruby Roxx



 A while back Curvy Girls Appreciation ran a pic of Ruby Roxx
and I ran to her Facebook page and started going thru pics
I can't help it. Ruby Roxx has a lot going for her and a lot that I love in a pinup




This 28 year old Vancouver, British Columbia native is 5'10" and a curvy 38DD-30-42
I just love curvy girls, and you all know how much I love redheads
More than the curves tho. Ruby is one of those versatile models who can range from glamour, cheesecake, noir and looks like she is having a good time doing it




There is more to be seen:



4I was almost done with this post but I had to go back and grab one last picture.
I gotta say I just love this one.
The lighting and the way her hair is, the expression on her face all come together for a shot that I would love to hang on my wall 

I saved this picture for last. with a good reason


I'm not sure there is anything sexier than a curvy girl wearing a button down men's shirt

and I love the addition of the bowtie


I have a white tuxedo shirt in my closet, and a bow tie


Just saying



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