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The Burlesque Assassins

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I have something a little more than special to share with you all today.
Recently I received an e-mail from the people behind The Burlesque Assassins 
Now if you haven't heard The Burlesque Assassins  is an indie film out of Canada about "a group of burlesque performers turned spies in the 1950s. Their Mission: Seduce and Destroy! "



Seduce and destroy indeed. Well there was a link to the trailer over on YouTube included and I had to go over and check it out.




What is the first thing I see? Roxi D'Lite looking hot as hell (as usual)  and I hear an old style radio announcer reading down the plot.
Ok the plot is a bit shall we say out there.. Mussolini Jr and the clone of Hitler are attempting to fire off a WWII Death Ray and take out Manhattan.
Johnny Valentine (Armitage Shanks) and The Burlesque Assassins have to stop them.




After watching the trailer I e-mailed the producers back and told them I'd love to see this movie. Well their response was to basically treat me like press and they sent me a promo copy to watch.
I grabbed myself a cup of coffee and settled down to give it a look and I have to say that I loved what I saw.




The is B movie land at it's best. The music and costuming are all period, the script and acting are as well. If the cinematography was a little less clean you'd swear you were watching some post WWII flick.
Visually it's stunning. The burlesque performances are top notch. Koko La Douce, Kiki Kaboom both turn in beautiful performances and Roxy D'Lite put on a stunning act.


279197_228191513879405_1484538_oArmitage Shanks as Johnny Valentine IMG_1800


Go check out The Burlesque Assassins on Facebook and on their Website and their Twitter . You'll be able to get your own copy starting on July 5th in digital format.
I'm betting that Facebook will be the place to look for the where when and how much.

Kiki Kaboom as Bomshell BelleIMG_1022Roxi-DLite-performing-IMG_4638


This is an awesome film if you love burlesque, B movies, period movies and pretty girls.


and what's this I hear that there might be a Burlesque Assassins 2 in the works?

I can't wait



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