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My Favorite Pinups

MFP and Pinup-Doll



My Favorite Pinups is very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Pinup Doll.

No I'm not a judge.. they already have 5 of those, but a feature spot here on My Favorite Pinups is now a part of the prize package starting with Miss Rachel the winner of the July contest




Your Judges are: Naomi VonKreeps, Korina at Hill Country Pin-Up, Veronica Virgo, Harlean Carpenter and Sally Sparrow.

The rules are available on their website and on their Facebook


I'm looking forward to this. one I get to post pics of some very pretty ladies and two I get to talk to some very pretty ladies as well

I already have gotten to talk to Harlean and Sally.. I'm a lucky bastard at that ;-)



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  • Sally Sparrow  
    A match made in heaven...

    Much love to you & MFP, John!


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