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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups is 5 today



It's hard to believe that 5 years ago today I registered

Actually this whole thing was my wife's bright idea.. she got tired of listening to me complain and said I should just do my own site.



So I registered this site name and went to designing. Well she went to designing and she's done the graphics for both versions of this site.

I wanted to create a site that showed off what I like in pinups and not just repost submissions, or take advertising or any of that shit.



I still don't post every day.. only when I see something that catches my eye, so this might not be the highest traffic site, or the most popular, but it's honest and all mine



I couldn't decide on just one feature for today so what I did was give you some of my most favorite pics from some of my favorite girls. Some of these girls don't model anymore and I miss then, but they've left behind some beautiful images that I adore.




My thanks to all the ladies featured here, I love your images, I love that you share them.


If you've never been featured, or have new sets, drop me a line

I love getting pics in my mailbox





ps: a little extra love to the girls that I have become friends with over the years.. especially Miss Roxy Tart





  • John  
    you know I had to include a Wink pic here ;-)
  • John  
    Hey Melia
    I was just looking for you but I can't find a fan page or recent pics
  • NolaChick  
    Thank you for including me! Congrats on 5 years! Let me know if you'd like to do another feature soon! xoxo
  • Melia  
    Happy birthday!!


    Melia deMure
  • Wink  
    Happy birthday, love! ::blows kiss::

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