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My Favorite Pinups

Something special from Bourbon Bettie


I've been a huge fan of the female form since I was a kid growing up in the 70's.
Of course I stole my dad's Playboys and the rest of the magazines he tried to hide in his nightstand
(To be honest I don't think he tried to hide them all that hard. love you Pop)





I think I loved the vintage Playboys most of all. the shots were more tease and subtle and just beautiful
Not just the woman, but the whole images that they create.
Bourbon Bettie has been sending me pictures that you can't find on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet. It's taken my a while to figure out the best way to showcase this lovely lady and the pictures that she sent me that so remind me of old Playboys.
So today I give you Bourbon Bettie. I love these pictures

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