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I have a crush on Cortney Maylee



I've been following Cortney Maylee for a while now on Facebook and she recently posted that she has a Tumblr as well. I have to say that I'm sorry that I 've only looked at a few of her shots till now



I've been going thru all her pics since going thru her Tumblr and I've had one helluva time picking my usual dozen pics to feature, so I stopped trying for a while and grabbed everything that caught my eye. Well it took me hours to narrow it down to 29




So the thumbnails are smaller, but there are lot more of them. just click to see it full size.
Now this Columbus, Ohio cutie hasn't published all her vitals, but I can tell you she's 27 according to MM and 5'4" and wears a size 8 dress
The other thing I can tell you is Curvy with a capital C



I do love redheads, even redheads that used to be brunettes
I love the pale white skin, even if it's courtesy of SPF100 (according to Cortney)
I love her eyes, very expressive. but I think I especially love the cupid's bow of her lips
I'd add more but you can see the pics for yourself




There's more to see:





I read an interview with Cortney Melee on Rebel Vixens from 2012 and found out not only is she damn pretty but she loves to read, she was a band geek and a prom queen, and she loves Star Wars


Yes boys, pinup and geek in one package

So there you have it. I have a crush on Cortney Maylee and now I bet you do too


Gotta run before I decide to add more pictures





  • william farrell  
    absolutely stunningly beautiful. what a real woman should look like. Cortney you blow me away,your partner is so lucky.x
  • Andresa Moretto  
    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! ---------
  • Cortney Maylee  
    Hi! I'm actually Cortney Maylee! And I wanted to say thank you for posting this about me! You are so awsome and I appreciate all the support <3
  • Tony Echevarria  
    Yes, she is a awesome looking woman, that deserves all of our thanks and respect. I always look forward to her next photos.
  • Mickey M. Castro  
    She is absolutely amazing. I love all her photos and look forward to every new one. I got a little bummed out when i heard she got married but Ill always crush on her. Maybe in the future I can ask her to be in my music video :-)
  • Adam  
    I gotta agree with you, John. Cortney is absolutely GORGEOUS. I've been following her on Facebook as well and look forward to any updates she posts, and I am also a follower of her on Twitter. She's got that classic, stylish, vintage beauty that just absolutely cannot be outdone. Ur not the only one with a crush on Cortney Maylee...:-D
  • Priscilla  
    That's aweseome. She's my model for some of my swimwear design and I love that you picked my Marily suit pose (white swimsuit) as one of your Fav's. :-)
  • Ginger LeSnapps  
    She's also a lovely human being. ;-)
  • Jesse  
    Wow I recently discovered the amazing Cortney Maylee and instantly fell head over heels for her Looks like I'm not the only one, she is simply gorgeous!

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