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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Who is Carolina Belle?



It's pretty rare for me to pick a set of pics all from the same shoot or photographer
It's even more rare for me to post a girl I know nothing about, or have no links to
Consider today an exception




This is Carolina Belle and if I have to guess she is somewhere near Columbia, South Carolina.. since that is where the photographer ReLe Photography is



ReLe Photography did a great job of capturing this adorable cutie. I love the playful looks, the gorgeous eyes, the frilly panties and the apron.



If you are Carolina Belle or know here please tell her to drop me a note at


I just love the shots and want to know more






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  1. This is the photographer.
    I just let her know about this! :-)
    • Posted byMeghan
    • on
    Well well :-)
    • Posted byJohn
    • on
    I dunno if Meghan is who I think it is but the facebook you posted is no there

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