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Hello Jessica Cameron



I have a twitter but honestly I don't use it all that much. I'll go follow someone that catches my eye but that's about it.. Last week I got an email that Jessica Cameron was following me..


graphic 111-1024x819Jessica Cameron Headshot - Laying red dress-1024x819


Now I don't know if you know the name but it rang a bell for me.
You see I'm a huge horror movie fan and Jessica was in the remake of Silent Night and a flick I've been waiting to see called Truth or Dare and looking thru her IMDB I really want to see her as Norma Jean in The Black Dahlia Haunting




While not a "traditional" pinup I can see Jessica's taking her scream queen status to the noir world. She's simply beautiful with stunning eyes that would fit right in with the femme fatale role


Untitled0000778-1024x933untitled (7 of 31)50a18a7369348-1024x770


This 5'4" 34B-27-36 Ontario native studied fashion as Ryerson University and was featured in Brides of Beverly Hills as a bridal stylist.
In 2010 she won a Golden Cob award for Rising B Movie Star and best cameo at Pollygrind for The Black Dahlia Haunting
She was also in the SyFy channel movie Camel Spiders (I never miss a SyFy original)

Jessica Cameron Headshot - Red Dress, Sitting-819x1024untitled (3 of 31)-682x1024Untitled0000693-682x1024


You can find out more about Jessica here:



and tell me these last two shots don't fit right into the pinup fantasy. go ahead I dare ya

So there you have it. my new scream queen fave, B movie goddess and horror movie star.. Jessica Cameron





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