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My Favorite Pinups

Deanna Marie

<%ThickBox(|Photo by 422 Studio)%><%ThickBox(|Photo by Melissa Kuroda Photography)%>

yea yea yea.. I know

I'm slacking... I was planning on doing updates daily but I was on vacation last week and then MySpace decided to eat my bulletins... so I took that as an sign that I should relax and catch up on my sleep...

but here we are on a sunday and here is a question for you:

what do you get when you take a Portuguese/Puerto Rican girl and let her loose in the pinup world?

Deanna Marie
from her MySpace

"Little girl with a big heart."

My name is Deanna Marie and you have never met a girl like me before! IÂ’m a blend of Portuguese and Puerto Rican and I am an aspiring Pinup model. I am a bartender, photographer, designer, hair/makeup artist and wardrobe stylist.

You can visit me at Duncans Tavern! You can check them out at:

I have an amazing family, friends, and boyfriend who are a constant source of love and support.

I am in the process of designing and launching my own business dedicated to the Pinup era, focusing on womenÂ’s photographic and vintage fashion needs. You can visit One Stop Pinup using the links on the page or visit :


Visit our Ebay store at:

I like to work on the other side of the camera as well. I am currently building my portfolio as a pinup model and I would love to work with you! I love working with new & established designer's, photographers, illustrators and makeup/hair artist!! I am open to traveling. To book a shoot with me contact me on my Model Mayhem profile at:

I will be visiting Vegas Nevada & Los Angeles California sometime after New Years.

<%ThickBox(|Photo by John E. Schultz)%><%ThickBox(|Photo by 422 Studio)%>

Deanna has a list that I love

Items Every Retro Fetish Vixen Should Own

(from Art of Teese by Dita Von Teese)

1. Black seamed stockings

2. Black opera-length gloves

3. Bullet bra or push-up bra

4. Garter belt, short girdle, or better still, a corset

5. Six-inch patent leather stilettos

6. Black veiled hat

7. An alarming shade of red lipstick

and I could not agree more

<%ThickBox(|Photo by Bitter Sweet Photography)%>

oh and Deanna?

Congrats on dropping a dress size... ;-)

What do I love about these pics?

Look at her eyes... the perfect blend of smoky and sex

bedroom eyes I would call them

She's a beautiful girl, great taste in clothes, and to top it off she can nail that pinup look


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