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Hello Miss Roxy

Roxy boudoir 005Roxy boudoir 010

I love getting images before anyone else does. and in fact I've had this set since Thanksgiving. I'm sorry that I have been hording but I've wanted to keep these all to myself. I did post some hazed out previews but nothing compared to the unedited pics.
Again sorry but I can be one greedy bastard.


Roxy boudoir 002Roxy boudoir 008Roxy boudoir 004


The lovely girl you see here is Miss Roxy Tart. I met her over on Pinup Lifestyle a few years back and featured her for the first time Ausust 1st 2009
Over the years we've become very good friends, We text and talk from time to time and to be perfectly honest I just love my fave jugalette


Roxy boudoir 009Roxy boudoir 013


Yes I am aware that there is a duplicate in here. but I liked the color and the b/w version
so I decided to share both


Roxy boudoir 011Roxy boudoir 014


Here's where you can find even more Roxy:

Roxy's Website

Roxy Tart on Facebook

Roxy Tart on Pinup Lifestyle

Roxy Tart on twitter



Roxy boudoir 003SFWI do have the NSFW version of this pic
If you want to see Miss Roxy in all her glory

Click Here


I've come across a lot of plastic people trying to find girls to feature over the years.

Let me tell you, Roxy is not in any way plastic.

She's a very real girl, a very real person, in no way cookie cutter and the first time I featured her I said .

"What do I see?
I see a girl who is a lot of fun
knows how to have a good time
and knows how to enjoy life"


And that hasn't changed one little bit over the past 5 years.








  • Roxy Tart  
    I adore you!! xoxo
  • Heather  
    i love the one with the purple sheets, very tasteful. BTW i'm Roxy's cousin, love you cuz!!! :-)

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