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American Classic Magazine



I'm always on the lookout for new things to read and, of course, new pinup girls

Lady Scarlett sent me the Christmas Issue and The Ravishing Redheads editions of American Classic Magazine





American Classic Magazine is published by Lady Scarlett and is a "New magazine specializing in gorgeous pin-ups and classic glamour!"

What I'm liking about this is I am seeing a lot of pretty girls who I haven't seen yet

Of course I know the likes of Lady Scarlett, Ludella Hahn and the ever lovely Shannon Fatale, but plenty of these girls are new to me




American Classic Magazine

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Now there are just screenshots of the PDF's that Lady Scarlett sent me. The $5.00 digital edition off MagCloud is high quality and I can only imaging the quality in the print edition.


I love what I am seeing so far and I'd encourage to grab a copy for yourself when it hits print on January 20th. I'll be grabbing my copy as soon as I can.




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