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My Favorite Pinups

Look who showed up in my e-mail... twice

Ginger 1Ginger 3Ginger 50


Do you have any idea what happens when you let it slip that you kinda have a crush on a pinup girl?
Well I don't know about you, but I get pics in my e-mail


Ginger 6Ginger 7


Not only did I get pics from Miss Ginger Valiant herself,and a couple are never before seen
BUT my newest fave photographer Anacani Carrera sent me a bunch as well


Ginger 10 (1)Ginger 5


Ginger stands 5'3" and measures 34D-28-36, if you keep track of such things.
Personally that is only part of the equation.
She is a redhead, and I do so love redheads, with beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile


Ginger 8Ginger 2


Anacani is based in Everett, Washington and takes a mean pic.
Check her Blogspot and Facebook for more pics of Ginger and Kissable Kandie, among others


Ginger 20Ginger 30Ginger 4


Where can you see more you ask?

Ginger Valiant on Tumblr

Ginger Valiant on Model Mayhem

Ginger Valiant on Facebook

Anacani Carrera Photography on Facebook

Anacani Carrera Photography on Blogspot


Ginger 9

Now you may notice that two of these pics have this stupid little blurry thing.


I promise that if you click on the blurry pic everything will become clear to you

And you will be very glad that you did.

Miss Ginger is a lovely woman and I can't thank her. or Anacanci, enough for sharing these pics with me.










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