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Unlimited No. 9 Has Hit The Stands


Mark Anthony Lacy dropped me a note the other day and let me know he was sending a preview copy of Unlimited No. 9 and as a bonus Unlimited No. 8


At the moment I believe I own every issue of Unlimited and there's a damn good reason.

This is exactly the type of magazine I used to steal from my dad's dresser drawer.. you know the ones he used to hide from mom


Unlimited has pictorials, featuring Mark's photography, vintage ads, feature articles on old movie stars, some risque comics, even a real centerfold.




If you head over to Unlimited's website fork over your paltry $6.00 you can get yourself a downloadable pdf and read it yourself.
Personally. I think Mark take some very beautiful kick ass vintage-style shots and you don't often see this type of composition these days.
If you enjoy this little sample go grab a copy, maybe a couple of back issues
I think with a little nudging Mark would be able to make Unlimited even bigger and better



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