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Ava Jinx

<%ThickBox(|Ava Jinx)%><%ThickBox(|Ava Jinx)%>

and now.. in this corner.

straight out of Melbourne, Australia



ok seriously... Ava is part of the Miss Cherry 2009 Contest

She lists her occupations as professional muse

maybe professional heart breaker should be there as well

<%ThickBox(|Ava Jinx)%><%ThickBox(|Ava Jinx)%>

From herMySpace

Allow me to take you through a few of the basics, kittens.

My name is Ava Jinx and I am a Vintage/Pin-up and Fashion model based in Melbourne, Australia.

The following little nuggets of information will probably give you all you need to know about me in a nutshell

When I was the ripe old age of six I took my favourite movie into Show and Tell for the day

My favourite movie being 'Westworld' - If you haven't seen it or heard of it before I strongly suggest hiring it out or buying it. VERY good

suffice to say the teacher decided that it wasn't appropriate viewing for my fellow six year olds.

I remember being very confused as to why this was exactly and going home in a complete sulk.

I'm the kind of girl who is very easily swayed by her surroundings.

I love nothing more than to walk alone through strange alley ways listening to my favourite albums, letting my mind wander and my body tingle with goosebumps.

I adore things like hedge mazes, peacocks -(I hope to own my very own someday. Like the late great Hunter.S - the lucky bastard had a whole flock of them on his ranch) lakes with lillypads and big bridges stretching across them and weeping willows lining the bank.

I also adore the City.

The bright neon signs, the smoke and noise ... the random loons you find wandering the streets (Yes, I'm one of them)

I'm all about extreme's in life.

DON'T give me the middle-ground.

DON'T give me the grey matter.

In short - don't bore me and everything will work out just fine.

I am an all or nothing kind of girl.

Either I am in a position to give my all and beyond that or I won't bother at all.

I'm a bit of a Chameleon.

I have each of my toes in a different pool, it seems.

I have a very dark/dirty sense of humour that often causes people to shoot me odd looks.

I'm rather addicted to chocolate self-saucing puddings, Reeces Pieces and Trolli Sour Worms.

I like to think my work speaks for itself, so if you're curious about anything else take a look at my gallery, darlings.


<%ThickBox(|Ava Jinx)%>

Good luck in the contest Ava




  • Miss T.  
    Go Ava! She Rocks! Love my fellow Melbourne girl!
  • Betty Red  
    Ava rocks!! Such a beauty!
  • Estelle  
    Thank you, darling.
    This is Ava ;-)!
    Ny real name is Estelle. Was just browsing google with my old pinup name and found this. Flattered, darling. xxxx

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