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My Favorite Pinups

Meet Miss Ruby Spencer



I was cruising around Facebook the other day and what do I find right down the road in Chicago but Miss Ruby Spencer. You may have caught her on 23 Pinup Girls Who've Put A Modern Twist On Old-School Beauty over on BuzzFeed
For the record this tall, leggy brunette is 6'0" and 41C-32-44
So we are talking legs that won't quit and curves like there is no tomorrow





Legs and curves aside. The first pic of Ruby Spencer that came across my feeds was the Stars and Strips swimsuit. and for some reason that was exactly the pic I was in the mood to see that day.
Looking thru her portfolio I saw the range of looks that I always look for in a pinup.
There is a versatility in her look that translates to swimsuit, girl next door, old hollywood, noir and of course boudoir




From her website:
I am a long, leggy pinup from the Windy City.  My inspiration comes from my grandparents and stories of their time growing up.  I have early memories of listening to my grandfather play Sinatra record after record and watching my grandmother cook large meals for our family.  My mom listened to oldies radio and watched black and white movies.  I think it was inevitable that I would live a vintage lifestyle.
I'm drawn to the 1940s style and American patriotism.  I strive to embody that Old Hollywood glamour with the playfulness of the girl next door.  Being a tall women presents its challenges when shopping for vintage clothing.  Lucky for me, I love a good do-it-yourself project and would like to learn how to sew my own vintage inspired clothes.   If I can't fit the 40s, I'll make the 40s fit me!
I love being active in the pinup community, meeting fellow vintage lovers and going to car shows.  I compete in competitions around the Midwest and hope to spread my love of vintage with others.  I have been published in several magazines and hold the title of Miss Milwaukee World of Wheels 2015.
I look forward to sharing my life with you!




Do yourself a favor and follow the links to see more:








From time to time I wonder why I have this page and from time to time I think about closing it down or just letting it die

But then I come across pics like these and I feel like I have to share them and stick my .02 in the mix



So there you have it.



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