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My Favorite Pinups

I <3 Melia deMure


The other day I got a Facebook message from Melia deMure that contained the first pic in this series. She was giving my a little tease of an upcoming shoot she was doing.
That was quickly followed by the next two "behind the scenes" selfies from a good girl/bad girl shoot...


Melia deMure has been a busy girl the past couple of weeks and posting pics as she gets them
Sometimes I even get a preview and sometimes. sometimes they are even missing the Facebook friendly edits.
Sorry.. not sharing those



I've been following Melia deMure for a few years now and her first feature on My Favorite Pinups was back in 2009

She's always been on of my very favorites and she's made a huge effort to stay in touch and met me know what she is up to.

She'll send me just for me pics, or previews of what shoots are coming up, or just an upcoming outfit



I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I don't get a lot of pinups contacting me directly and it's always a blast to get a Facebook message or an email with BTS, a first look, or even something that I get to share first.


so let's just that that I <3 Melia deMure

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