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My Favorite Pinups

Hello Heather Valentine


My Favorite Pinups has been online since October of 2008 and over the years I've posted pics from pinups from all over the world. Today we are headed to the UK to check out 5'4" 30D-24-35 blonde bombshell Heather Valentine.
I've been following her for quite a while but was never able to choose just a few pics from her portfolio to share and believe me it never got any easier



Heather Valentine is an internationally published pinup model with a huge list of credits but yet remains firmly grounded and maintains her sense of humor. If you follow any of her social media you can see that right off the bat. She's not afraid to share pics of herself being less than perfect and will even the occasional "oops" shot (as in oops I fell off the chair.
And she's been know to post au naturel pics. by that I mean just regular selfies little/no makeup, regular clothes, things like that. and I love that.


*note: all pictures are credited to Dollhouse Photography 

except for the very last and that was taken by Paulina Czochra Photography


Check out her website. there are a TON of pics AND a VIP area.
I recently joined the VIP and you should too, it's free (for now) and be sure to check out her pinup diary book.
The VIP area has some exclusive content as well as some BTS info and uncensored videos


This beautiful hazel eyed lady also has a wicked sense of humor.

Ever wonder how many times a day a pretty lady gets asked stupid questions?

Check out this video



You can find more Heather Valentine.
and of course on her Website

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