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My Favorite Pinups

Bunnie Graves

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From herMySpace

As can be seen in several of my pics, I have cerebral palsy (diplegia, for those familiar with CP).

I do not suffer from it.

It's not something I "struggle" with.

It's just another facet of my life, as simple as eye color and to me, just as significant.

No, I cant be an olympic gymnast, but amazingly I get by _wink.

It can complicate certain things, but I have yet to face something that it totally barrs me from doing.

If this in any way squicks you, move on.

now why the hell would that squick me??

I honestly don't give a flip
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She loves

"candy, corsets, pinups, sirens, black and white horror films, shows and my own personal darkside"

and apparently My Little Pony

That aside...

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What I like

well she has the Bettie Page look that's for sure

She's coy, sultry and sexy as hell

but check out the eyes in the last picture

There my friends is the innocence and the promise of those things left unsaid

unless you take the time to ask the questions



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