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My Favorite Pinups

A New Favorite

I'm lucky to have a wife that feeds into my addictions. Yesterday Anne sent me an uncredited Wednesday Addams cosplay set (first pic in the set) that she found on Facebook
First off. always credit what you post

Rin4Elizabeth HelynChynna Chloe

If I had watermarked copies of the whole Wednesday Addams set I would post then as a standalone
I've found most models and photographers don't mind me posting their stuff as long as I link back to them. It's all about getting your name and your passions out there


AelflaedCambry Erin Salway and Carly Ann SalwayElly Kelley


so I went on a hunt to find out who this model was and who took the pics. Well google image search turned up nothing but a link to another site where the pics were uncredited. That is NO !@#$%^^& help at all.
Finally I came across a pinterest page where I found the names Rin and Magliris Photography. (no links tho)
That was all I needed



Now that I found them and trucked over to Facebook it was easy to get lost in the 100's of images that I found. For this post I wanted to feature Magliris Photography.
Yea I know this is a pinup site but look at these images and tell me the heart of pinup isn't in there. granted it's under Noir, Steampunk, Horror, Cosplay and even Hollywood but I love each and every pic that I saw


Kaylee NealRin5Khristyn Eve Darque


Best place to check out Magliris Photography is their Facebook Page
I've tried to credit the models in each picture (hover over a pic to see her name, click to see it full size) but someone please let me know if I'm wrong or if there are links to the models.

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